How good are my test scores?

Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by SamAca10, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Jul 19, 2009
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    I was wondering how my standardized test scores stood up. On the SAT I received Math: 640 CR: 68 Writing: 620. On the ACT I got a 31 composite.
    Are these the median scores? Are they higher? Should I take them again anyway ( my math scores were a little bit lower than I would have liked them to be)?
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    ACT/SAT scores

    I copied this from the 2008 official stats........

    SAT/ACT Scores of the class of 2012 by percentile
    25 % 50% 75%
    SAT I Verbal 560 617 665
    SAT I Math 600 639 680
    ACT Composite 25 27 29
    ACT English 25 28 30
    ACT Math 26 28 30

    so you are pretty much at the median (sorry...someone has to be average!....but you are at the average of a VERY highly qualified group:thumb:)

    It wouldn't hurt to take them again, but as you can see, you score above 1/2 of last years admitted class, so I wouldn't be overly concerned. If you think you can improves your scores, go for it, but don't obsess over it.
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    For the Class of 2013 Early Action appointments, the score were a little higher:

    Average SAT Scores: 640 CR 660 M (includes converted ACT scores)
    Average HS Rank: Top 7% (includes reported and calculated HSR's)
    Average GPA: 3.88 (all reported GPA's are converted to a 4.00 scale)
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    you have the time to take them again, so why not! Just be sure to study you ions only need to get a few more questions correct to make a big difference! Best wishes as you continue along in the process

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