How heavily are SAT scores weighted?

Aug 18, 2017
Basically the title. I'm a sophomore now and I took the new SAT in August and got a 1550. I was wondering how much that is weighed in the admissions process and how it can help/hurt your chances.
USNA has never published statistics on how much weight is placed on each section of the candidate scoring. What another SA may do isn't necessarily the same as you find some candidates on here each year who got an appointment to one SA, but a TWE from another. SAT scores are only one component of the scholastic Q.
Difficult to quantify, as the formula for whole person score is not public knowledge. That being said, I have watched candidates for almost 15 years, and can tell that SAT/ACT is a significant factor and more important than class rank and GPA. The one insight into weighting that I have heard is that Math scores are weighted heavier (I think 2x) than Verbal scores --this is consistent with my observations as well.

Finally, great SAT's does not overcome lack of athletics, activities, and leadership, etc., and are completely irrelevant if you don't get a nomination, qualify medically and physically (CFA).
If you have a well rounded application that includes a 1550 SA score, your packet will be very strong. As others have said though, the 1550 will not get you an appointment by itself. You still need to demonstrate the leadership potential and athletic aptitude required of a Naval officer.