How long do you think public schools will be closed?

Dec 17, 2019
So Cal here too. So far we’re only out til 4/13. School is providing update on 3/27. Absolutely sick about senior hear and missing the learning, AP testing, moving on after graduation.
Our district in So Cal closed until May 4. Lots of rumors re: not returning at all. Graduation was supposed to be June 11.

Devil Doc

Teufel Doc
Apr 25, 2018
In medical sciences we advertise hands-on classes so finishing online will be different of course. I'm at a place with my terminology classes where we can finish online without too much heartache. I still had a couple fun things to do with my biotechnology class. One is identifying a criminal suspect using PCR technology on crime scene DNA. The other lab has students hunt for a specific Alu repeat (a 300 base pair repetitive sequence of DNA) within a specific region called PV92 on chromosome 16 using their own cheek cells or a hair follicle.

The Biotech students are a laid back bunch though and will be OK with whatever assignment I give them. This class has two students headed to Va Tech school of biomedical technology, one to the VT school of science to study neuro-science, and another going to West Point. I'm sure they will just want to get it done and move on.