How long until appointment?


Jun 18, 2016
I received an LOA to USNA in the fall and was also deemed medically qualified. I got a nomination from my congressman on 12/24. The nom appeared on my portal 12/30. The required actions section of my portal says "none," but my application status still says "Conditional Offer of Appointment LOA." I know that I will receive my appointment eventually, but I am starting to get a little anxious. When can I expect my status to change? This just seems like a long time between the nom going up on the portal and the portal updating to reflect my appointment.
Any day to a few weeks. No need to get nervous. It will happen. Admissions also took time off during the holiday. They are also at their busiest time in admissions. Take a deep breathe and relax. Go enjoy senior year.
My DS received his nomination on 12/13 and his portal changed to offer of appointment on 12/22. So my guess is that it's going to happen real soon for you. Congratulations!
For what it is worth, here is the timeline applicable to my DD's appointment to the USNA Class of 2021:
Last open item on application cleared (BGO interview submission): 8/23/16
LOA listed on portal: 9/9/16
Nomination received (hard copy in mail): 11/23/16
Nomination recorded on portal: 12/19/16
Appointment recorded on portal: 1/4/17
Congratulatory phone call from MOC: 1/10/17
Appointment certificate arrives US Postal: 1/12/17

Hope this helps. Good luck to all!