How often an when do they review NROTC apps?


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Sep 12, 2006
Son's NROTC app is being processed and shows
Status: No decision has been made on your application.

When can he expect it to be reviewed and decide? Do they do this monthly?

Will he only get an offer from one of the top 3 schools he listed??
i think its every one or two months. they just met about a week and a half ago
I have been wondering the same thing with the Army ROTC. When I check his status, it still says, "You have been selected for an interview...". He had his interview in September, and he received an e-mail that packet was complete on November 2, 2006. Thanks in advance for any information.
Army ROTC offer periods are October, March and May. Most offers are made in March and May so don't worry.
He may want to check with Cadet Command to see about his status for sure. Since the web site seems to conflict with his email.
He should be applying to all the colleges he selected. Once he is accepted it wouldn't hurt to contact the Professor of Military Science and express his interest.
One advantage for having a March or May offer is he will know for sure he is accepted at the school.
He should be aggressive and hang tough!
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