How soon can I start reapplying?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by CadetMoore, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I am one of the many unlucky candidates that received the QNS letter for this year. I already contacted my RC and talked about bettering my application for next year, but some questions I forgot to ask him are:

    When exactly can I start my new application?

    Do I start a completely new one or wait for my current app to refresh for the new year?

    What information stays on the application and what information has to be reinstated?

    Is it true WP favors reapplying candidates over first time applicants?
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    We can reapply as soon as the portal opens up for the Class of 2017. So June/July.

    I think we are assigned new IDs, so I think we start a new one. I'm not sure.

    Information like SATs and High School SOEs remain. You need to get another nomination, two College SOEs, new CFA, college supplemental. I think the CAR remains and you can just update it. DoDMERB is good for two years, just update any notable medical/physical changes.

    Yes. Reapplying shows determination. It also gives you a another opportunity to really shine and mature. Regardless of actual points being awarded, you can improve your application and you have experience with the whole process. Many MOCs seem willing to re-reward nominations as well, though they must still be earned of course.

    Hopefully you're not feeling too down! Keep motivated and I'm sure you'll finish with even more momentum next round!

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