How strong of an applicant am I for the third board?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by babakthepersian, Jan 7, 2016.

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    -GPA is 3.7
    -SAT is 1180 M+CR and 1760 with the writing
    -PFA - 5:35 mile, 54 curl ups and 50 push ups
    -A lot of extracurriculars which include leadership roles, sports and clubs.
    -Have taken 4 classes at the University which is my top choice for the ROTC scholarship.
    -A couple AP and honors classes not a lot, but I think my official college courses make up for that.
    -I think I did really well in my interview and he really liked me.

    I would really like to get the four year scholarship at the University of Scranton, but I've heard that most 4 year scholarships are people who have 3 varsity sports and like a 1300 SAT, and I do a couple sports, but I don't have any varsity letters and my SAT is above average but not a 1300.
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    Your grades and your PFA seem pretty good. I would suggest try and get a lot of leadership positions in clubs. On the selection status page where you can write anything you think is important, try and list as many things as you can. Do you belong to a church? Do you do community service? Anything that can boost your resume won't hurt. Also, try and establish a good relationship with your ROO. Good Luck!
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    Here are the stats from the Univ North Georgia Army ROTC site:

    94% were in the top 50% of their classes in academics (69% were in the top 25%)
    36% were class officers
    90% earned varsity sports letters
    60% were varsity team sports captains
    32% were in JROTC
    17% were club presidents
    3.6 average GPA
    1246 math + critical reading SAT; 27 ACT composite score​

    Here is the link to that site:

    These stats seem to be averaged across the approximately 2500 AROTC scholarships awarded in 2015 or the prior year. Approximately 600 of the 2500 scholarships were 4 yr scholarships, and the remainder (approximately 1900) were 3 yr scholarships. The overwhelming majority of the AROTC scholarships awarded in 2015 off of the 3rd board were for 3 yr scholarships.

    Your SAT seems a little low, but may be OK. IMHO -- The leadership positions you have held in athletics and clubs, and your accomplishments (Athletic letters) will be the key on whether you are awarded a 3 yr scholarship off of the 3rd board.
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    We don't ever speak about the importance of the online personality test on the ROTC portal, but I'm wondering if it is quite important. Just based on the stats above (I've seen them before), my DS wouldn't have seemed to be in the running for a 4-yr first round, but that's exactly what he got. He excelled in the 1 minute test and provided a certified result in the 2/2/2 test, as well. He also maxed the interview process. We had one letter of recommendation and he linked to an article in our local newspaper where he was featured as a football player but focused on his career aspirations in the college. As mentioned above, make sure and use all the space you can on the app, including the "other comments" area on the status page. It is there that he explained why he didn't have much with regard to community engagement due to working full time in the summer months and part time during the school year. School choice and the budget associated with that factors in, too.

    94% were in the top 50% of their classes in academics (69% were in the top 25%) (Our school doesn't have class rank)
    36% were class officers (NO)
    90% earned varsity sports letters (YES, he had earned 8 by the time of the app, will earn 3 more this year)
    60% were varsity team sports captains (YES, he's been a varsity captain for 2 yrs in one sport and 1 yr in the other)
    32% were in JROTC (NO)
    17% were club presidents (4-H)
    3.6 average GPA (3.0)
    1246 math + critical reading SAT; 27 ACT composite score (28 ACT)
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    I would agree with the above comments. I would add, take the ACT. Our DD scored much higher on ACT. DD also practiced her interview and brought a resume and list of classes, grades and athletics achievements with her to interview. Good Luck!!
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    Unfortunately it might be too late to take any additional tests for this year, next ACT is in February and would cutting it close to get the scores back and in prior to the third board deadline.

    Remember that no one has a crystal ball and just make sure to be as thorough as possible in documenting your achievements, make sure to use all of the opportunities to describe your achievements like the additional comments section on the status page. List any volunteer hours, anything you can think of that you have done that could add to your scholar, athlete or leadership scores, even if it isn't the traditional sports, clubs, etc. good luck, if it is meant to be, it will be! And there are still an option to get a campus based scholarship if it doesn't go your way third board.

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