How to apply? U.S. Permanent Resident, can apply for citizenship during freshman year

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    I am interested in applying to the Coast Guard Academy. I believe that I do not meet the eligibility requirements ( because I am not a U.S. Citizen. I will be eligible to apply for citizenship in February of my freshman year of college. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that it is possible to attend the Naval Academy Prep School for one year as a permanent resident if I can obtain citizenship status by induction day at the Coast Guard Academy. I am interested in finding out more about this process, but I am unsure about where to turn to. I appreciate your help in this matter.

    In summary, I am attempting to do the following: Gain admission to Naval Academy Prep School, Apply for citizenship in February of my spring term at Naval Academy Prep School (this is the earliest that I can apply), and then attend the Coast Guard Academy upon receiving my citizenship. How can I begin my application to the Naval Academy Prep School?

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    You cannot apply directly to NAPS, you can only apply to USNA. They decide on NAPS appointments from their USNA applications.

    And since you are not a US citizen, you cannot apply to USNA unless you are eligible for US citizenship by I-Day of your application year.

    Go to college for a year, take swab-level classes and excel in them, stay in good physical condition, stay healthy, stay out of trouble, and apply to the USCGA when you are eligible.
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    You might want to look into the service academy prep programs at MMI and NMMI. These are the prep schools that the USCGA uses to prepare students. You should take the same courses as the prep students to help you be as competitive as possible as you work out your citizenship. Good luck!

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