How to obtain a waiver to the Airforce


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Mar 8, 2018
My son is a Marine who completed boot camp but is possibly being discharged with a Administrative Medical ELS due to his back. Before enlisting into the Marines he was in a accident that fractured his back. He was cleared at MEPS and even had X-rays performed there and was able to enlist in the Marines. During boot camp he fell on a heater and reinjured his back. He went to Medical but they just gave him Tylenol and sent him back to boot camp. He earned the title of US Marine. Now he is at SOI and went to Medical for his back requesting to change his MOS from ITB to something less physical. They did X-rays and determined he has scoliosis with degenerative changes. Can he join another military branch? Could he join the AF Reserves?

Any and all information is much appreciated.
Depends on what RE Code he incurred when he was discharged from the Marines. As a general rule of thumb, it is harder to get a waiver to join the Air foce than other service. It is especially difficult for people who left another service (prior service) to get into the Air Force. I'd say his chances are unlikely at best, but there is no way to know unless we know his specific RE code. Even then, a recuiter would have the best answer. A forum for entrance into the AF Academy would certainly not be the place to go.
A forum for entrance into the AF Academy would certainly not be the place to go.

Agree with Winston,
This forum is first and foremost, intended to assist candidates for commissioning into the military through the various United States Service Academies and Senior ROTC programs.

There are other forums where you may get better expertise on MEPS and other enlisted opportunities.

Good luck!