How to post a photo.

Royce's Mom 2010

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Aug 31, 2006
This is the way I post a photo,
1) If you haven't already, sign up for a free account with PHOTOBUCKET.COM or anyother free webhosting photo site.

2) Upload your pictures into your online album using their user-friendly upload tool (simply hit "browse", then the drive containing your images, and double-click on image to put it into the white box). Hit upload.

3) Image will appear in your album, along with urls and links (url, tag and img).

4) Copy the link in the box labeled "URL".

5) Start your post here (click on Start message or Post reply) and look to the top of your blank message. You can add text in the message and then, when you are ready to post your picture, click on the "Insert image" button (it is yellow with mountains and a sun)

6) In the "script prompt" pop-up box, paste your URL from Photobucket.

7) Click okay.

8) HTML coding starting with [ img=no border ] (etc.) will appear in your message block.

9) If desired, click "preview post" to see that your picture shows up properly. If so, click "Submit new post".