How to proceed


Nov 22, 2016
On my DoDMERB portal, it has recently updated to "Remedial Requested." These codes were given below.

R119.99 Please provide additional information. Do you have significant issues with keloid formation (large scars)? If so, have keloids ever limited your ability to wear certain types of clothing? Do you have any significant problems with shaving and severe shaving bumps?

R229.99 Please provide a copy of the shoulder operative report, the last two notes by your surgeon up to the point of being returned to full activity, and written reports from all MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays of the shoulder

Who do I send this information to? DoDMERB or USNA? I won't have a hard time getting this information, I just am not sure what to do with it. Thank you!
Scan any records (keep originals) and send to DoDMERB. Make sure you include a cover letter that includes your full name and the the last four digits of your SS#.
You send it all to DODMERB. You have a technician at the bottom of the pdf in your file - email it all to them.
After you’ve sent it to DoDMERB, contact your tech to make sure they successfully received it! My DS faxed his documentation because there were multiple pages and that was the quickest way to get it in the hands of the right person. We found it beneficial to follow up regularly. Good luck.
From the DoDMERB FAQ website: (Note that DoDMERB is located at USAFA but manages ALL the SA's medical record reviews).

Question: Will you allow me to fax documents pertaining to my medical status to you?
Answer: You may fax documents pertaining to your medical status to DoDMERB.

We do ask however, if the total number of pages exceeds 15, that you mail those instead of faxing. DoDMERB has limited ability to receive faxes and faxes exceeding 15 pages could delay our ability to process your documents as quickly as possible.

Please note: If you fax documentation to DoDMERB, you DO NOT need to mail the same document(s). Our fax number is: 719-333-3578. Our mailing address is: DoDMERB, 8034 Edgerton Drive, Suite 132, United States Air Force Academy, CO 80840-2200. DoDMERB has the capability to receive all types of mail deliveries, (i.e., US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, etc.).​

Thank you all so much! Sent the email today!
Dodmerb is back open today with the end of the shutdown, but the message on their website says:

** Our computer systems have been down since 14 January, as a result no documents can be processed. Please do not submit any new documents via email or fax until further notice.

You may want to mail it in.
+1 @Korab

Given the above notice, I would consider using overnight mail for time sensitive remedials.