How to register for ROTC?


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Mar 22, 2017
I just got the rejection email and am trying to reacesses my options. I know that the ROTC scholarship time has passed, but was wondering how to get in the program if it is still possible. My back up university has Airforce and Army ROTC. Any links to where I can find more information or tips you have would be very appreciative.
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For Army ROTC:
  • Contact the Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) at the college you have been accepted to.
  • Advise them of your interest in enrolling as a non-contract Army Cadet. Follow his/her directions.
  • Express your desire to earn a campus based scholarship (usually 3 year or 2 year). (There will be another application)
  • Max your APFT, GPA and participate heavily in EC's during your MS-I year.
  • Be a GREAT team mate to your fellow cadets.
  • Don't treat this like a "second fiddle" to USAFA. Treat it like you WANT to be here, or it will suck.