How to verify if PTR Package Forms were received by USNA

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    Can someone please help me find out how to verify if the forms of the PTR packet that I mailed were received by the Academy? I have already emailed my Admissions Counselor and I received an email from another person from the Office of Admissions that the forms they have received were the Tattoo Form, Birth Certificate, Police Record Check, and Plebe Sponsor Questionnaire, which were accessed from the portal. They were not mailed to me. (I completed and sent these forms earlier before I received my PTR packet and they already show on my portal that they were received)

    My original question was not answered because I asked for verification if the forms that came with the PTR Packet -- ex. Agreement to Serve Forms, Drug/Alcohol Abuse Statement of Understanding, etc.--(that I completed and returned) were received. (not the forms that were mentioned above that were completed earlier that already show on my portal.) Would USNA Admissions specifically tell me which forms I am missing? They have not specifically notified me that I am missing any forms, but that also have not told me that they have everything.

    As I-Day gets closer and closer, I just want to make sure everything is in order. I don't want to arrive and have any surprises about missing forms on an already high stress day.

    P.S. I will also be bringing with me copies of the entire PTR packet on I-Day
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    DS has not received direct confirmation that his were received either. Although he has received a couple emails recently that indicate that they have received his packet.

    Just this morning he received the permit to access the yard vehicle pass stuff that was supposed to be ‘emailed at a later date’.

    I have read elsewhere that there isn’t a direct confirmation of items received. We aren’t worrying about it at our house, instead enjoying summer. We figure if they don’t have it, they will get it from his copies on iday.

    See you soon! 16 days!!
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    My DS received word back from one of the Varsity sports teams.
    Since he filled out that particular form with his PTR packet, it is safe to assume that they received everything.