Humanitarian Aspect?


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Nov 24, 2006
First off, my name is George. As of yesterday, I was going to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University on a $15,000 Air Force ROTC scholarship. Then, I got the big white envelope. I now need to choose between ERAU w/ AFROTC (and flight during college), or USCGA and hope i get a flight spot.

Anyway, my question. I'm president of my school's National Honor Society, and I am very big on community service (and emergency services in the Civil Air Patrol). A dream of mine has always been to travel to 3rd world countries to help fight hunger and keep peace between countries. Does the coast guard do anything like this, besides just natural disasters?

P.S. I am not even sure what to major in, but I like Government. I also plan to compete for a pilot slot after graduation.


Just curious, but when would you be performing humanitarian missions as an Air Force pilot?

(pardon my ignorance)
The crew and cadets sailing on Eagle try to perfrom some type of humanitarian community service at every foreign port.

Check the Eagle website to read about a few from last year.
Thanks for the replies. Honestly the Air Force does not focus on humanitarian missions... at all. But when I was deferred from the CGA, I focused on the Air Force ROTC and the Air Force Academy, because I really want to fly. However, now that I actually got in, I need to seriously reconsider my entire future. Do I want to take my ROTC scholarship and run to ERAU and start flying, or do I want to go CGA and accomplish my other dream of helping people around the world?

Unfortunately I only have 2 weeks to decide. I'm visiting the CGA this Monday and I hope to learn a lot about everything!
Honestly in the Coast Guard you will most likely not be traveling the world working in third world countries. In general you will be guarding the US coast, whoever there are exceptions to that, including various assignments as liaisons in different countries with different organizations. A third world country you ARE likely to see, at least from the water, is Haiti. It is also likely you may be saving some Haitian lives from overcrowded boats in rough seas.
George, you have a tough decision to make. The Coast Guard is the most humanitarian of all the services, in my opinion. But if your heart is really in flight,ERAU may be your best option. Keep asking questions and doing your research.
Best of luck to you!
There is the Peace Corps too, which I don't know very much about, other than its services in third world countries.