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    I'm a high school junior seriously looking at CGA, and I am wondering what the Humanities aspect of the Academy is. I'm looking at the Government major, and my parents are concerned that I won't receive a well balanced education. I tend to disagree, although there is not doubt the academy is math/science heavy. I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on how good the Humanities Dept. is, and how cadets who are Humanities oriented do at the academy.
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    Usually the department is as good as those who run it and teach it.

    Reading the bio of the Department Head, CAPT Glenn M. Sulmasy, JD, LL.M. may give you an idea of how good it is.

    CAPT Glenn M. Sulmasy, JD, LL.M.
    Head, Department of Humanities
    Professor of Law

    Or just do a Google search on his name.

    Then you can read the bios of every professor in the Humanities Department HERE

    Besides all the math & science courses, a Government major will also take courses in:

    • History of the U.S.
    • Principles of American Govt.
    • American Foreign Policy
    • Comparative Politics
    • Humanities in World Literature
    • Leadership & Org. Behavior
    • Criminal Justice
    • Public Policymaking
    • International Relations
    • Morals and Ethics
    • Western Politcal Theory
    • U.S. Maritime History & Politics
    • Democracy in America

    Quite a "well-balanced" course list.
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    It's a bachelors of science in a humanities major....pretty well balanced.

    I took the typical government and history classes to compliment multi-variable calculus and statistics.
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    It was just announced that U.S. States Department Foreign Services Officer Robin Holzhauer will be teaching at in the Humanities Department at USCGA. She most recently worked as the information officer and press chief at the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela and has been with the State Department for over 10 years. She will be teaching at the Academy for at least 2-years focused on U.S. history, foreign policy in Latin America and public diplomacy. This is an innovative program that brings real-world experience into the Coast Guard Academy classroom. How's that for a humanities program?
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    My son is a 2009 graduate from the Government program. From my own knowledge of his coursework and the teachers he had, I can state without hesitation that the Humanities Department in general, and the Government major in particular, is excellent.

    In addition to the regular coursework, there is the Model UN team, the Mock Trial group, the Political Science Honor Society, etc.

    Cadets can participate in a wide variety of internship opportunities in Washington, D.C. in congressional and senate offices as well as Coast Guard headquarters.

    You can assure your parents that you will get a well-rounded education should you have the privilege to attend. Good luck!

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