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Jan 2, 2009
I don't know if anyone has seen or tried this yet, but it seems to me like a fool-proof way to get ready for the CFT.

100 pushups in 6 weeks
200 situps in 6 weeks
25 pullups in 6 weeks (coming soon)

All you have to do is work out three days a week using the sets and reps listed on the site. If you fail out during one week you simply repeat it. Even if it doesn't work perfectly, it seems like a pretty good tool. Any thoughts?
It actually looks interesting. Hey it can't hurt to try! I need to work on my pushups so I might try this to see if I improve.
So I tried that initial test, to judge where you stand, for both push-ups and sit-ups. My scores were high enough that they said I should start both in week 3, under the hardest column. Looks like I'm now interested in following through for the next 3 weeks!