"I believe that we will win" shirt


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Feb 25, 2008
I know those shirts are a few years old, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could buy one. I couldn't find any on ebay, the USNA fan gear store or by googling it. Just wondering if anyone knew of a place or site.

It was very popular. The only problem is that you are about five years too late. I don't think I have heard this particular Brigade chant in the last three or so years.
We use it here at NAPS at all mando sporting events, like today lacrosse vs Bridgeton Academy. Wish us luck!
Yes, it was probably the favorite cheer of CAPT (now RADM) Charles J. Leidig, Jr.
That's just as freakin' ghey as then-CAPT Howard Habermayer's insistance of spelling "N-A-V-Y" at (mandatory) pep rallies. :bleh2:
From not knowing what it was to condeming it in just a few posts.:rolleyes:

Navy football was at a nadir. Mids slept in the stands. Many years of bad bad football. Coach Johnson was new. Football seemed to be getting better. It was the chant created by the mids themselves that brought them back to Navy football. I kinda liked it. Maybe you ought to have seen it at least once before you blanketedly condemn it.

It probably contributed to a few wins it's first couple of years.
Err, we actually still chant that:biggrin:

I do believe that "Fighin' Joe Leidig" started that chant back in the day (I remember him starting it up while being held up by the cheerleaders when I was a Plebe).

It went like this:
Dant: "I"...Brigade: (echos) "I"
Dant: "I believe"...Brigade: (echos) "I believe"
Dant: "I believe that"....Brigade: (echos) "I believe that"
And so on. At the very end, the entire Brigade would start jumping up and down chanting the whole thing over and over again.

Nowadays, no one in the administration "makes" us do it. Normally someone (normally from the "Pit," the place where the wrestlers/non dressing football players sit in the Brigade seating area) starts it up and we go along with it. We only chant it when we have have the game all locked up (like 2 min left or something like that).
From not knowing what it was to condeming it in just a few posts.:rolleyes:

It's called "Picking up on things quickly".

Maybe you ought to have seen it at least once before you blanketedly condemn it.

Nah. I don't have to personally see something stupid to call it as such.

But hey, if the Mids enjoyed it, so be it. At least it wasn't the Commandant up there acting like the loser he was. You have NO IDEA what a dork our first 'Dant was. When CAPT Preuher took over we were WILDLY ecstatic.

Have the cheerleaders gotten any better? In my day they were downright awful, even if their Captain WAS my roommate.
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it is by far our favorite cheer here at NAPS. we all go crazy jumping around.... especially when it's a big win.
Reports of the demise of this cheer are premature. I heard it this past football season and I expect to hear it again. Alumni from long ago may think there is something wrong with it, but when you see it live it is impressive. Frankly, it's a lot more inspiring than something like that gnarly old goat song.
My ten year old daughter loves the Gnarly Old Goat and knows all the words. She sings it at every game and around the house. Go figure
Z, the cheerleaders are good to go nowadays. They work had at what they do and they perform quite well.
Ehhh....I'm going to disagree with Kamikazi. They have some cheers that are pretty good, but then there's a few that just make you scratch your head and think, "we're supposed to say that?"