I day drop off procedure


Mar 30, 2017
Our DS has a 0615 report time. We are planning on leaving our car at the stadium and going from there together so we can see him off. For those who have done this before, how much time should we give ourselves? Not sure how far stadium is, shuttle buses running, etc. Thank you for any insight!
O615? Lucky you. While the buses run frequently, I was surprised by the length of the line of families last year (albeit our DS had a later report time). I would suggest no less than an hour before report time. It is about a 10 minute drive. If you get to the Yard too early, then you scope out and agree upon where you will meet your DS after Oath of Office. Finding Waldo is nearly impossible so best to all meet by that tree over there. Good luck. Part of me very wants to be there again and part of me is just fine looking at pictures and keeping it in the past.

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