I-Day hello to Service Academy Forum USAFA appointees


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Feb 18, 2015

I am heading out to COS this Thursday to get ready for I Day.

I will be working the 'line' for the Georgia Parents Club as we welcome our appointees!

Will have a red (2018) Georgia shaped name tag on my USAFA shirt and a USAFA Dad hat with CS-27 Thunderbird pin on front side. Kinda hard not to miss a me as I will be some of the few there that are not all uptight!!
If you are a SAF member or even lurker say hi.

I am a 2018 parent, a SPONSOR parent to several Cadets (2018/2019/2020), and some grads (2015/2016).

Get your mind right, focus on the Why (you are there), keep your eyes caged, and don't take it personal. Remember both YOU and the CADRE have a job to do. Also remember when you are so tired... the Cadre are going to bed after you and getting up before you... they are putting it out there FOR YOU! Kinda hard being a leader if there is no one to lead!

Georgia Dad of a class of 2021 basic cadet.
Looking forward to speaking with you.
Very Excited about this journey!