I-DAY question


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Dec 5, 2007
First......Congratulations from a proud dad to all the 2012 class of plebes as they start this tremendously important and new journey :thumb: .........and another "Well Done" to the parents, siblings, relatives and friends that supported their plebes along the long road to USNA:thumb:

A question I had after the long white line of Plebes marched into Bancroft after their last 45 minutes of hugging, smiling...and perhaps crying with family and friends .....is : How are the Plebe Companies and Squads selected and composed ? Is it a complicated organizational process involving geographical, athletic and diverse backgrounds...or is it a much simpler "random" assignment ?
I am curious about this as well, since it seems pretty random. But it is clear that at least even female distribution has to happen so there are roughly the same amount in each company and proper roommate combinations work out.
I wondered about this, too. While it seems pretty random, when I asked my son ('11), he said there seemed to be a somewhat even scattering of females, NAPS and non-NAPS priors, athletes, and international mid's among companies.

Said he hadn't noticed any geographic clustering, and I liked that when I asked if URMs also seemed distributed evenly, too, he said, "I'd have to think about that a while. It's not something you particularly notice."
Personally, I think its random. However, they know what napsters and priors are heading to the Academy much earlier than they know all of the high schoolers. My bet is that the napsters and priors are sorted randomly and proportionally. And then everyone fills all the other spots... Speculation at best...