I-Day tale


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Jun 9, 2006
So I happened to have a former zoomie in my office who told me a few stories about that first day when he attended in 1980. He said that all of your issued gear was put in a sack. When you got to your room, it was all dumped on the floor (some of the meaner cadre then mixed it all up in some of the rooms -- not his) and each cadet was handed a big manual -- which basically told you where everything is supposed to be placed (I think it's called the "site map??" but I could be wrong). You had one hour to get it all organized and separated and put in place. He also said that the cadre were incredibly polite, helpful and nice, until they said goodbye to the parents and then, well, you can imagine the rest!

Incidentally, he was one who left after the first two years. Interestingly, his class was told that unless they were in the top 50%, they had no chance of flying. He was toward the bottom, so he left. Ironically, it turned out that EVERYONE who stuck it out, got to fly who wanted to. He has always regretted leaving early. Sort of a sad story but he has never regretted those two years and he harbors no ill-will toward the air force. Eight days....and counting!