I-Day Testing


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Dec 8, 2008
I've heard from another source that on I-Day, potential mids get tested for medical inefficencies, one of which being colorblindness. Up until now, I’ve had no trouble AT ALL with determining color in my life, until a few weeks ago when I chanced upon one of those “Ishihara” colorblind tests (AKA the colored dot test), and finding out that I couldn't see several of the numbers. After doing a bit more research, I found that one can take a “FALANT Lantern” test, though I’m not too sure on what this allows for service assignments if one passes it.

Basically, my question is that if I’m unable to pass that colorblind test on I-day, will they send me away, or what? And what if I take this “FALANT” test beforehand? Will I be able to give them some kind of waiver for the I-Day examination?

Thanks in advance for answering.

Funny to find someone else who has the same problem as me. DODMERB should issue a medical remedial for you to go take the Falant Test if you failed the dot tests. I took it and failed that as well. Colorblindness is an automatic USNA DQ. Waivers are given out by the Superintendent and only about 20-25 are given per class, so I've heard. The reason is that the Marine Corps doesnt use colorblindness as a DQ. I assume if you get a waiver for colorblindness then they will waive you on I day as well.
Have you done the DODMERB Physical and if so did you pass the colorblind test? If you haven't taken it yet,then you would need to before you are accepted anyway. But I do know of two people (in the past 25 years) who somehow passed the colorblind portion on the physical but ended up failing on I-Day and were sent home. (I don't think this happens often) However, its not a good position to be in at all. You are better off failing now and hoping you get the waiver!