I-Day USNA 2021 Field Reports: Share!

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Sep 27, 2008
While in DTA for a business dinner last night with colleagues at the Iron Rooster (of course), I told them to keep an eye out for family units walking around with a teenager looking a bit deer-in-headlights, possibly sporting some USNA gear. Easy to spot and increasing in number! Colleagues were intrigued by I-Day, all things Navy, and enjoyed their after-dinner 25 cent windshield tour of the Yard. The tents were going up on Hospital Point, and all the signs were there about the arrival of another class.

Colleagues were also amazed by the bond that develops among SA classmates, stronger than "regular college." DH recounted that on 6 June every year, his I-Day anniversary, he and over 60 classmates in the area gather at the Columbarium to toast departed classmates and share memories. And they are properly equipped to toast...

Best of luck to Plebes To Be and families, and please share your experiences. You'll have questions and concerns, quite possibly, but the grad family on here will have great insights for you.

Our 1/c sponsor daughter detailer is READY! Stocked up on gel inserts and throat lozenges. Bwah-ha-ha.
Good luck to all! So true Capt MJ... every year on our induction day and graduation day we all text each other to remember those significant days. If we ever gather on the yard first stops are the columbarium, cemetery and Memorial Hall to pay respects.
I left a handful of pennies at the base of Tecumseh for people to try their luck. Also, please don't step on the seal while you're there, i.e. "Dont tread on me"
Wow, what a plethora of emotions. We arrived at 8 for a 9 check in and sat around until 8:45 when DD got in line. The line was moving pretty quick by then and we said good by about 5 minutes later. We walked back to our hotel and lounged around until we couldn't stand it any more. We drove back to the yard and had lunch at Hospital Point. I moved the car every 2 hours which gave me something to do. The Marines on Gate 3 were probably getting tired of wanding me. FINALLY, around 5:45 the band starts playing, about a few before 6 the Plebes start filling in. We found the LiveStream to give us the best view even if a minute behind the live action. The fly over was great. Hearing the Upperclassmen get in to it was inspiring. The fly over was great and then the swearing in was very moving. The Plebes are released. DD finds us and she is all smiles. I was very glad to see all those teeth.

She had some drama when they found out that she had taken antibiotics before going to the dentist when little. Asked why it wasn't on her DOBMER and she explained it wasn't asked. They took her for echo-cardio and then cleared her. Who needs more drama on I-day.

DD ate her sandwich, drank lots of water and seemed in very good spirits. Some kids did not seem so good and a couple were late back to formation. (didn't seem like a good start) She didn't cry and neither did we during our good-byes. I think seeing her so happy allowed us to keep our emotions in check. DW did cry for about a minute once she was out of site and I got something in my eye this morning when DW sent me a picture of DD giving me a great big hug before leaving.

I spent some time talking to a couple of women from the class of 17' I couldn't get over how confident and mature they seemed. Both were quick to state it was the best experience, better than they'd hoped for.

We are now empty nesters and will sorely miss the baby of our family but I'm confident she made the right choice for her.
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Congrats and thanks for the update helmsdown. Sounds like she is fitting right in. The class of 17 women and squared away detailers are just a few years older than DD. Before you know that will be her! USNA is a great and unique experience. The sisterhood is strong inside Mother B and among Alumni.
I could see that the bond among the women was strong. Our state parents group had a dinner the night before and as the evening wound down, DD and a group of 4-5 incoming female plebes were sitting with a rising 1st year getting the lowdown.
Congrats and thanks for the update helmsdown. Sounds like she is fitting right in. The class of 17 women and squared away detailers are just a few years older than DD. Before you know that will be her! USNA is a great and unique experience. The sisterhood is strong inside Mother B and among Alumni.

And in the Fleet and Corps, especially when still in the minority on ship, squadron or unit, there are bonds that interlace across all commissioning sources. When dealing with occasional ridiculousness, it matters not where a right hand was raised.

Many of our USNA sponsor alumnae have said their tight circle of friendships in company, sports team, major, sponsor family or other group is what helped them get through the down times. They hold each other up. Adversity, stress and shared adventures knit them together.
Helmsdown it is the pollen and the heat for the tears although I heard this year wasn't so bad. Mine was heat. Glad you had a great day. DD had two roommates in Mother B for four years. It is a life long friendship and they still keep in contact although two are Marines an one is SWO. Good luck on the great ride you and DD will begin. Just wait to that big day at the stadium four years from now. Good Luck and Following Seas.
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DD when reporting never wore or does wear her Academy ring. The Oath is what matters not where you raised your right hand whether Officer or enlisted.
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16,299 applications. The number that showed up was 1214. Every state is represented and this year had an 88.1% yield.

Is the 1214 inclusive of the foreign national mids or net? Mildly curious, can probably find it myself.
Thanks... class seems to be in the usual range compared to last several years.

Actually, the Class of 2021 is about 40 plebes too big, according to congressional mandate. They had a higher yield than expected which resulted in the higher class size.