I have a slight problem...


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Sep 14, 2008
Ok, so I am lactose entollerant.... it sucks. I take OTC chewable pills before every dairy product I eat. How would this work at the academy? Could I take the OTC meds there or will I have to separate from dairy if I get accepted?

Thanks for all of your answers
I personally have no idea, but my roommate has the same problem. She just stays away from dairy, which is pretty hard here. I have no idea about the med's though.
it's so hard to stay away so many foods have dairy LOL, and not to mention ice cream. They r OTC so I don't fly see a problem...
Looks like English is a greater problem for you right now. Lactose intolerant right? With an I? ;)

I have a friend who is also lactose intolerent. She usually tries to avoid dairy, which is easier than people think because Mitchell Hall provides plenty of Soy Milk if you like that. She also uses Lactaid pills when she does want dairy. So, you shouldn't have any problems.
HEY! >.< I only spelled one word wrong, and I was on my ipod touch so i try to use as many abbreviations as possible.

Thanks for the info :D
My son is a current C3C and also lactose intolerant. He was advised to visit the nutritionist early in his freshman year because of that situation. He received some advise and has also developed a taste for soy milk which is available at most meals. I don't know if he uses the lactose pills any more, but I suspect that they would be allowed (after basic). I know he eats pizza on occasion. I'm not around to know about the consequences.