I have an Army scholarship


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Nov 28, 2007
I just got a letter today saying I got 4 year full tuition scholarship from the Army. The weird thing is that I haven't finished the application yet. I still have to do the interview. The scholarship is to Ohio State, however, I did get accepted to Rose-Hulman. I prefer to go to Rose-Hulman.

My question is: does the school's ROTC program say yes or does the Army say that you have to go to Ohio to have the scholarship? Is there any other chance that I might get it for Rose-Hulman? I have the impression that the Army picks one school and if you don't go there, you don't get it.
The scholarship is awarded by the ROTC battalion at the school - it is only good at Ohio State.

You should go ahead and contact the ROTC department at Rose-Hulman and see if they would have a scholarship available for you.

You still need to do the interview at some point to activate the scholarship.
If i may give my two cents... When you completed your application, i assume you listed all your schools in order of preference. Scholarships are awarded randomly. Accept it, later on if you get a scholarship at your first choice school you will be able to accept that one and decline the other. Call the PMS at your first choice school and ask him what your chances are to get a scholarship there. You might already be on a waiting list. My experience is they like to hear from you, it shows you are interested. You can google the rotc battalion for that particular school and find all your cadre contacts (email, phones etc.) You still have to complete all your application process including being cleared by Dodmerb. Patience, it is a long howl. But do contact the PMS at your prefered school!
I had the impression that if you took it, you had to go to that school. It does not say anything about if you take it or not.

I am meeting with the PMS next week. :smile:
Definitely not. if you take it, and later get another offer to the school of your choice, you just decline the first offer and accept the new one. Have a great meeting with the PMS!