i have some good and extremely amusing news


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Nov 18, 2007
okay, so i call up my USAFA counselor because i sent in my updated H.S. transcript but my 4.2 semester GPA hadn't been calculated into my GPA reported by USAFA on my online application. when she asks me for my social, she looks at my file and says under her breath "oh...you'll be getting something in the mail real soon". when she said that my jaw dropped and i was in a complete stage of euphoria. i didnt really ask her to clarify, and she said that they have my new transcript, so i wished her a happy easter and then hung up. i was jazzed....

i check my mail a few minutes later after the truck rolled by, and open it to see a big white folder. i take it out and see on the upper left hand corner "air force ROTC scholarships" at this point i am like DANG IT!! more scholarship packages!! (i have received appointment-like looking packages in the past that turned out to be ROTC stuff and got really bummed LOL) but wait, it gets better....i look below the address and it says "also representing the united states air force academy". my joy shoots back up again, and i literally sprint home with a giant smile on my face!!! i open the package and it is exactly as the other ones....just more ROTC stuff (this one was offering me a presentation at my graduation for receiving an ROTC scholarship, but not an appointment offer) i laughed at myself a whole lot!!!!

so, when my guidance counselor told me i would be getting something from the mail, i sure hope she wasn't talking about what i got today!!!!! but what do you guys think?
flyboy, I would not dare to venture a guess as to what your AF Admissions counselor meant....now go out and run, do some pushups and pullups and repeat until you are too tired to think :shake:! BTW, Congrats on your AFROTC scholarship! :thumb:
....i open the package and....

You won't have to open it to know. :wink:

It will be a big white envelope, printed clearly on the outside will be the words:


You'll see when you get it. :thumb:

(yes, it really does say "inclosed" not "enclosed")
well thanks for spoiling the experience for me luigi!!! lol, jkjk, thanks for the tip :)
Tip off for us last year was a little non descript post card saying application complete. Next day the Congresswoman called the house, but we already knew because we had called the Senators Academy Rep, and she tipped her hand. Bottom line it is different for almost everyone, and the same too.
i see. i hear that sometimes the congressman doesn't call you though.
That can be true. Like I said it is different and the same for each applicant. Some get calls, some get packages in the mail, never seems to be any rhyme or reason.....Just hold on if it is meant to be it will happen soon.
lol, my dad sat next to our congressman at some event the other week and said something about me, and the congressman said, "oh really! she got it? tell her congratulations."

hehehehe, that tells you how much his board did.

the purpose of this was to confirm the rumors that sometimes the congressman doesn't call you. mine didn't.
haha, thats a funny story. oh, and a little update on this thrread: since usafa isn't going to send out the notifiactions until the first week of april, why would my counselor say under her breath "you'll be getting something in the mail soon"?. maybe she wasn't aware of the policy, but then again, she is an admissions officer. oh well, all i can do is wait and ask God to grant me this blessing!

oh, and on a personal note, i'll be leaving for a washington D.C. trip tomorrow. i have to wake up at about 3:00 a.m. :). so after tonight everybody, don't expect to hear from me until the first of april, when i get back.
Have a safe trip, flyboy! Lucky you! Washington in the spring is wonderful. Have fun and remember to do those pushups :wink:. (Maybe you will have a computer in your hotel....?)
hopefully i will have a computer. and i will definitely keep working out (pushups, pull-ups and situps). the only thing i find hard to get motivated to do is running. its funny though, after i do run, i feel so much healthier, but its still hard to motivate myself to do it the next time i am at the gym!! one thing is for sure, getting an appointment for me will be like pouring nitro glycerine into a corvette!!
You'll be back soon, I'd expect to be waiting for you in a few months. ;) Don't hurt yourself too much unless you really want to visit me! ;)
Hey flyboy,

We were in DC last week too! Maybe we bumped into you! We attended the evening lecture at the Air & Space Museum called, "An Evening with America's First Female Thunderbird". IT WAS FABULOUS! We also did the OmniMAX movie called, "Fighter Pilot--Operation Red Flag". That was amazing! It's a given to see all the memorials but our favorite was going over to Arlington to see the new Air Force Memorial--GORGEOUS! DC is fabulous, it's great you had a chance to go.

I hope you hear something soon from USAFA. I know you've put a lot into it and the waiting must be excrutiating.... but please know that we're sending you our good thoughts and prayers that the white envelope arrives SOON!

NOW the thread title has come true!

You absolutely DO have some good news!!

Congrats again!!!:wink:

.....NO dream is too big, eh flyboy???...way to go!!!

thanks for the congrats flymom, and, by the way, i did go to the air and space museum (it was the best!) but i didnt go to any of those presenations. i did, however, lay the wreath of the unknown soldier at arlington cemetary on march 28 at around 3:30 p.m. my wreath read my school name, calvary christian school. maybe you saw it?

That was a beautiful gesture by your school. Although we were in DC that day, we didn't go to the National Cemetery on this trip. We did go there last June and I have to say the changing of the guards is one of the most spectacular things I've ever witnessed.

How lucky you are to have made a trip there...and how appropriate that you will get to say you were at our Nation's Capital when you heard about your Appointment....wow...that's sweet...

Congrats again! :)