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    DS applied to class of USCGA 2018 as part of EA 2 group. He has also applied to 3 of the 4 service academies. USCGA was his first choice, however. Two things happened on 1/31/14: First, he received notice that he was not going to receive an appointment to USCGA. Second, he received notice that he has been nominated by a senator to attend USMA, USMMA, and USAFA. He would prefer to attend USCGA, and is planning to apply for class of 2019 after one year of college. My question is this: is there any point in notifying the USCGA admissions officer of the congressional nomination? I know that the nomination is not a part of the USCGA admission process, but it is something that we would have placed on his application if we had known about it earlier. Is there any point in bringing it up now?
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    This is just my personal thought from my experience this past year. It really makes little difference between SA's whether one received acceptance from one, or didn't from another. The fact that he got the nom will make little difference to the Admissions folks in New London. They all have their own set of parameters that they follow, and we learned that the fact that one academy accepted you doesn't mean the others should or will be more interested. Early on, my DS told his Admissions Officer at the Naval Academy that he received an appointment a LOA at CGA, and he basically responded that it didn't matter. He equated it to telling one university you were accepted at another university... It really has no impact.

    That being said, your DS is obviously a great candidate as I would think he wouldn't have received a nomination if he wasn't. He may just not fit the profile that the CGA is looking for this year. I would encourage him to reapply next year as I have learned of many that got in the second time around. Just make sure his course load mimics that which he would receive at the Academy his first year.

    Best of luck to your DS

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