I used to have asthma


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Oct 26, 2008
I am currently a junior in high school with all A's, in many AP courses, on the wrestling team and involved in extracurriculars, and I am seriously considering applying to the Naval Academy. In the 4th grade I was diagnosed with asthma, but I have since "grown out of it" by being physically active and playing the saxaphone. I no longer take any sort of medication for asthma and do not experience symptoms. Will my history of asthma disqualify me from attending the

On a seperate issue, my eyesight is very bad but is correctable to 20/20, and I have seen so much conflicting information about the Naval Academy's policy towards vision. Could somebody please explain to me what is disqualifying with regards to vision. Thanks in advance.
StudentInWisconsin - I'm here to be the "Conflict Information Buster:)" In order to answer your questions accurately, pls send me an email at Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.mil. Tell me when you stopped taking meds for asthma? When you stopped having symptoms or attacks? When and if was your last hospitalization or clinic visit for asthma? What is your current glasses/contacts prescription? Satnding by.....:thumb: