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Nov 18, 2007
i understand that in my first summer at the academy (after BCT) i will take a course in either jump or sailplane. i will probably do sailplane, but i definitely want to do jump some other time in my academic career. is there any way to achieve this? basically what i am trying to say is that if i get accepted i want to do everything aviation related that i possibly can, i just dont know if or how that will work. thanks :)
Yes. You could do jump your senior year if you rank well enough. People that soar during summer can then jump senior year while people who jump can soar any semester after that.

I think I outlined this in our other convo.
sorry, i wasn't clear on the concept. but thanks for the information. i mean, i know i will get this all sorted out when i get there, i am just too excited to not talk about it and have so many questions! what am i saying anyways? i havent even been accepted! i've been crossing my fingers though :).
Understandable, I was a fountain of questions back in the day. ;) Keep asking, its fun taunting while answering. ;) See you in a few months.
what do you mean? you are still at the academy?! what year!! (i though you were an alumnus)
lol, no, I am a 3 dig (sophomore). So, I will be an EMT for your Basic in July. ;)
man, that is sweet! how do you find the time to help other people who you havent even met before? EMT...as in emergency medical technician?
meh, I do so much on my computer, might as well hop on the forums. I really like seeing people I've worked with doing well here. Watching 2011s almost through recognition is awesome.

Yes, I am an emergency medical technician. I was accepted into the Cadet training program, so I got my EMT-B national cert last semester.
very nice. what are you looking to do after the academy?
sweet. hey, do you know who the "back stair" people are? i see that "group" all the time on usafa youtube videos. i wonder what they are like in real life...
I am in the same squad as one of them (tall, skinny guy), and know one other one. They are awesome dudes. As goofy in real life as in the videos. :) Too bad they are all graduating!
thats pretty cool! what are most people like at the academy? are they all stiffs? or are most of them laid back when they can be, and hard workers when they need to be?
You will find all sorts here. Most everyone are great people though. I love this place because of all my fellow cadets! Some can be stiff, but most know when to turn "it" on and off.

However, that said, ROTC cadets are actually a lot more hooah that we are a lot of the time (based on those I met). I tihnk that's a product of having military some of the time vs military all of the time.
you mentioned your entering rank on another thread. i was wondering if you could tell me your sat and/or act scores along with your gpa. that would be awesome, thanks :)
Antoinette, I'm flattered! lol.

My SAT was 720(?) math, 650 verbal, 660 writing. No ACTs. My high school GPA was 4.65 (3.8 on 4.0 scale) which ranked me as 14/651 when I graduated. At the academy I now have a 3.8 GPA which places me at 30/1065 in my class academically.
geez laweez hornet. though our sat's are about the same (you had 1370, i have 1360- yet you have better math which is what they like), you have an outstanding GPA (mine is only 3.5- with the one honors course available). what extracurricular and leadership roles were you involved in?
aw that helps, I got a 1390, so my math was 740 then.

I am a 3rd degree black belt
certified trainee instructor, certified tournament judge for 2nd degree bb and lower
ranked 6th in world 2005(?)
state champion TX 2005
French club (VP) (BS club lol)
55 hours in Cessna 152s
Taekwondo demonstration team co-captain
Worked part-time for a business aircraft brokerage as customer support and database tech.