If R was a horse in the Preakness would you feel confident about putting any money on them?

Is this a question about winning or dying in the barn the week of the race?
The Preakness is the shortest of the triple Crown races. A better question would be winning the Belmont.

This has boiled down to a test of wills. And I don't mean Zolensky vs Putin. I am referring to NATO and the EU. If NATO pulls support or simply offers minimal support, then Russia will win the war of attrition.

We are proving the capability of Western weapons systems. We are also learning that a major power can get their ass kicked by armed drones. I hope we are learning these lessons now rather than repeating Russia's mistakes later down the road. That would never happen.....except for Afghanistan......😒
Re: EU, NATO, Strength? — The recent shift by Germany is a very good sign that support is getting stronger …

No … I wouldn’t bet on R (the proxy for P) to win, place, or show

Here is an interesting read from the Wilson Center …

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