If there are only 3 admissions officers for the whole country...


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Sep 24, 2008
is it safe to assume that not being called for an interview is no big deal?

My son has gone to two "meet and greets" over the last couple of years, has attended AIM, and has had brief email contact with the admissions officer for our state.

He has not been contacted for an interview. He has everything in already for Early Action.

Should he request one?
Interviews are not mandatory.

You can contact the Admissions Office and request an interview.

All Admissions Partner interviews for EA candidates must be submitted to the Admissions office by Nov 15th.
We are in South Carolina and the admissions officer is

LTJG Aaron Parker.
Mister Parker has been on leave for the last week, he will return on Monday.

You can contact him if you wish to arrange an admissions interview with a local South Carolina AAP.

LTJG Aaron Parker
860 701-6321 (office)
860 625-2572 (cell)