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    Being sick this weekend gave me a question regarding West Point.

    Since USMA is extremely rigorous both academically and physically, how are things like colds, fevers, or other illnesses handled? I know USMA runs on a very structured day, but if one was extremely ill, how would that affect the day's (or week's) schedule? Would it be ignored and everything would run the same no matter how bad it is, or would you get an opportunity to make-up class/assignments?
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    If you get sick or injured then you must go to the clinic. They have hours early in the morning and if they can't see you then - they make an appointment for you to go back.
    The dr will decide if you are well enough to attend class. You are issued a medical profile - this profile will tell you what restrictions you have and you must obey it.

    If you are too sick for class you will be CQ (confined to quarters) - of course you must make up all your work. The teachers all offer additional instruction (AI) and are generally very good to work with when you contact them about your illness.
    As always, if you cooperate; you will graduate.

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