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MM3 Kim

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Feb 14, 2008
hey guys um I just wanted to see how everyone is doin i guess. My name is Dylan and I am currently a 3rd Class Petty Officer in the USN, I am currently in Charleston Sc for Nuclear Engineering school and already have submitted my package for the Naval Academy. Um idk if Ill get picked up though hopefully I will since its been my dream for a long time but I guess well see! they said I have a good chance since I have done really well at the Navy's Nuclear Engineering school herer but idk im stressed out lol Everything is done including medical i guess Im just playing the waiting game now. Does anyone know if those who are applying from the Nuclear Engineering Pipline have a good chance of getting picked up? they said that usuallylike 75% get picked up but im not to sure, anyone know? Thanks

MM3 Kim, USN
My boyfriend here at NAPS is an MM2. Actually we have a bunch of nukes here. I bet you would have a preety good shot at getting picked up for NAPS.

Good luck.
I had a nuke in my platoon back at NAPS in '86-'87. Not sure if he was the only one.