Immunization Questions


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Jan 14, 2008
S (still currently 17 years of age) went in to our local Ped. Clinic for all of his immunization boosters and TB skin test. He is now up to date on everything except for the Polio vaccine to be given when he is over 18 years of age. According to the nurse giving the boosters, our clinic gives only the dead virus and the one specified by USMA is the live version. We don't want him to have adverse reactions during Beast... will the live vaccine be given to him on R-Day even though he will not yet be 18, and is this likely to cause any side-effects that the dead virus does not? Or do we need to find someone in this area who gives the Live Virus before Beast, and will they authorize it under age 18?

Also, he had the Hep B immunization series when he was young, but had never had the Hep A. They gave him the first of the series of 2 for Hep A, but the second one must be given 6 months later. Will they go ahead and schedule him for the second one after Beast, or will he be responsible for remembering to ask them when to get the second shot?
Not sure about the polio, but I know they will schedule him to complete his Hep A series at USMA. lf I remember correctly there is a contact number on the immunization directions and you can get all the correct info from the personnel in the clinic. There is a nurse practioner (CPT) who is very helpful.
Thanks Momof2cadets, I did find the number and called. They will give him the polio in July, one month prior to his birthday. Thought I would post this in case anyone else had the same question. Also, it sounds like a lot of the other cadet candidates will be scheduled for their second Hep A dose during Beast.
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