Implications of a Nomination

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Oct 7, 2017
I received a nomination to the USMMA, USNA, USAFA, and USMA on the 15th. However, I have not received any LOAS or further feedback regarding my applications from any of the academies other than the USCGA. Because I live in a relatively competitive district (extremely high population of Marines), does this mean that I will most likely receive a LOA shortly as well? I usually only hear about candidates receiving one or two nominations, so I am trying to comprehend the implications of me receiving a nomination to each of the academies. Thank you for your time.

EDIT: Checked my applications today after a while (because I was on vacation) and realized that I also received a presidential nomination to each of the academies!!!
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DS is also in a highly competitive district and has received nominations to USNA, USMA, and USAFA but received no LOA but he is 3Q. Others here have much more wisdom and experience, but what we have been told is that very few LOAs are given out in relation to the actual appointments, and they typically do not go to highly competitive districts as many are competing for a single spot and they are most likely very close in their rankings.
No one knows how many LOAs go out. Whatever the number, they are few.
Be prepared for the biggest test of patience in your lifetime so far.
You are in a great settle in and wait.

There is no way of predicting whether you will or will not get an LOA from any SA; that is a tool they use at their discretion, for many reasons. There may or may not be a correlation to the noms you have in hand. There are many others who could conceivably get noms from all elected sources, but many states coordinate internally and do not give multiple noms. Much will depend on the nom method used by your elected reps.

Focus on the here and now and what you can control. This is definitely something you can’t influence, control or even guess at. Invest the energy elsewhere - finishing the year strong, helping others, improving fitness levels, enjoying the present. Ensure your Plan B is in good shape - should you receive no offers of appointment or have something occur, such as an injury, that would derail attending an SA.
I understand why everyone thinks their district is competitive but there is really no way to know that information as it can change every year based on the applicants. In some large states, Senator Cornyn's office receives some 600 applications per year, the sheer volume makes it competitive. Their is no correlation between perceived competitive districts and LOAs.

I would suggest that your district is not that competitive this year and both of you are in good positions with multiple nominations but now it is just sit back an wait. Each academy is a little different about communication but an honest assessment will tell you if you will be qualified by the board. You may get a 3Q letter and you may not.

Have you completed your medical?

You wait now until the application period closes and then you are ranked against others with the same nomination. The highest ranked applicant gets the offer.