Importance of Seminars


Mar 28, 2017
West Point is hosting two seminars in my region, and while I am unable to attend the first, I'm wondering whether or not to make the trip for the second (which has to do with the nominations process). My senator will be there. I have already reached out to him and his office, but I am wondering whether or not attending this seminar will have any effect on me during my application process. The seminar is about two hours away from me, and I have to stay after school that day to tutor for NHS, and after that I have to help set up for my Minithon Committee. Then I'm supposed to go for a run because I have to skip track practice that day.

Would it be better for me to just skip the seminar, or would the information I get there be vital to my applications process?

Also, I forgot to add that I will be attending SLE, so I should get some information about applications there as well.
You can probably get by without attending but we picked up some good insights from the admissions and nominations seminars we attended. Have you looked at your MOCs websites for details on all 3 nomination processes? Good place to start.

#1 best advice I picked up from all the admissions and nomination open houses we went to was the USMA major telling about DoDMERB waivers and why it is so important to get your file completed early ASAP. It was said in passing but it stuck and paid dividends when DS needed remedial exam around Xmas. You never know what might be said that is not online that could have an impact later on.

IMHO go unless you cannot, it won't get you bonus points now but you might pick up some nuggets to pull out later on.
These are generally information seminars and are typically held in various parts of the country and are not vital to applying. I am sure some go with the idea they will personally impress their MOC and that somehow enhances their chance for NOM, but most likely that isn't the case. Worth attending if somewhere near where you live, but I wouldn't travel for hours and hours thinking it will enhance your chance for a NOM or appointment. I would imagine some make the WRONG type of impression which could hurt them in the long run. Getting a NOM isn't about who you know or rubbing elbows with the certain people.