IMPORTANT: Hurricane Sandy may affect operations

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    Please keep in mind that Concorde, Inc, contractor for the completion of the medical requirements for this program, is located in Philadelphia, PA and is in the direct line of incoming hurricane.

    We expect the storm to make landfall at some point Monday. We are already receiving rain and storm bands, and increased wind from this storm system. The city itself has declared a state of emergency and all public transportation is shut down through Monday.

    What does this mean for you...?
    1. If you are on the East Coast, expect any upcoming appointments to be potentially moved, or cancelled.
    2. If you are expecting an appointment Monday in the direct line of the storms (PA, NJ, DE, NYC, etc) - call your provider(s). They may be closed.
    3. If you are NOT affected by this storm...but have had appointments recently -- Concorde operations may be limited.
    4. Concorde may not be able to provide phone, internet (including DODMETS), or e-mail support depending on power conditions.

    We will do everything we can to ensure as little disruption to our applicants as possible. Many team members have been in the office over the weekend in anticipation of travel or situational issues, working diligently to continue the mission.

    I, personally, will remain open for contact via this message board and through e-mail ( or I will continue to monitor and respond as long as power remains ON.

    While I understand that the completion of the actual medical requirements is only a small fraction of the overall process, we know it is important. I give you our promise to do everything we can to keep the process running smoothly.

    Joe Papp
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    Good luck and batten down the hatches, Joe...

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