Important PTR Medical Forms Info -- Please Read!

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by bmorris244, May 15, 2009.

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    It's Friday 15 May, 8:30 am.

    I just called the Medical Records at USNA after getting my immunization record back (the form from the PTR, NMCLANNA 6230/7) from my doctor. The office said that the three forms that must be mailed in are:
    (a) The immunization record, filled out (part I by you, part II by the physician)
    (b) The Patient Registration Form
    (c) Glasses info sheet (if needed)

    There is no extra form that needs to be filled out, as I thought as per paragraph 11(a). The extra form I thought existed refers to the results of the PPD test which must be listed on the Immunization Record Form from the PTR.
    Make at least two copies of this form as one is needed on I-Day.

    I also asked about the date, and whether the forms need to be postmarked or received by 15 May. She said that since the PTR went out late, the forms are not due back at the Academy by 15 May.

    That said, I'm not taking any chances; I'm sending it in today and getting a receipt so I know when it is received.

    Good luck to everyone, hope this helps!

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