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    Something to lighten the mood before all heck breaks loose on R day for the new cadets.....

    During my beast I had 2 roomates. One turned out to be my best friend at West Point and still a dear friend all these years later. The other was a guy named John. John lasted about 1 week and then left. I still remember John after all these years even though I only knew him for 1 week. After beast my other beast roommate and I discovered that I had taken a picture of the 2 of them and were happy that we would at least have a picture to remember John. When we looked at the picture, I had cut John's head off so we didn't even have a picture of him!

    2 lessons here:
    1. Be a better cameraman than me
    2. The people you meet in beast (no matter how short of a time you know them) will be etched in your memory for the rest of your life

    Best of luck to all on R-day and for the rest of the summer.

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