Improvements to my HS career?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Pers3us, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Hello guys,

    So I posted around the same time last year asking for any advice on what I could improve for when I apply to the Academy next summer. So, I'm a rising junior and my sophomore year looked like this:

    I took all honors classes this year and last.

    (Sophomore year classes)
    Geometry - 84
    English 2 - 84
    US History 1 - 89
    Spanish 2 - 91
    Computer Aided Design (CAD) - 92
    Naval Science (NJROTC) - 94
    Marine Chemistry - 94

    GPA: 90.28

    I am going to be a chief petty officer in my NJROTC unit in december.

    I have been swimming competitively for 4 years now, and got my Varsity letter from my high school this past season.

    I am an active member of the drill team and made every regional Drill meet team.

    I am an active member in my school's Key Club, which focuses in on community service, and led or helped lead several fundraisers/service projects this year.

    I am a member of my school's drama club, I was a main role in both the Winter
    and Spring productions, currently I am running for VP of the club, I won't know until September if I have the position or not.

    My PSAT scores for this year were 53 math and 63 reading

    I know my grades are lower than average and am working very hard to raise them up. Next year I am taking the next class up in all the general classes, but I am taking Marine Physics instead of Chemistry and Systems Engineering 1 instead of CAD. Also, I hope to be taking Algebra 2/Pre-Calc for my math class.

    I am joining my schools Technology Student Association (TSA) club next year and hopefully Spanish Honor Society.

    I am applying for Summer Seminar in the winter as well as AIM and the Navy Swim camp when the apps come out.

    I'm sorry for the really long post guys, but I really want to try my hardest to get into the academy, and any thoughts or comments and advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much guys!
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    You should take the ACT/SAT and get 30+ in the ACT and 2000+ in the SAT. Also, I'm not sure how your GPA works, cause in my school a 90% is roughly a 3.7 GPA. Other than that, work toward more leadership positions.

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