In A Time of War-A MUST READ


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Jun 9, 2006
Although this is about the graduating class of 2002 at the USMA, it is a book that every Service Academy parent needs to read.

It is funny, smart, exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. All of us SAP's(ha ha my new acronym for service academy parents) can see their kid in some aspect of the book.

God this book is good!!! Any parent with a kid at any of the service academies will appreciate and love every word.

I was gonna write a book but after reading this I doubt if I'll ever put a pen to paper again!! Ha ha just kidding but this is awesome. Kind of a sequel to "Absolutely American" the great book about four years at West Point.

Pulitzer Prize material in my not so humble opinion. Pick it up as soon as you can...but warning, you won't be able to put it down. :thumb:
Comments from another "SAP"...

I am about halfway through the book so far. I am enjoying it because it is well written and gives me an idea of what my son’s life will be like after he graduates, but it also makes me sad.

When I started reading I already knew what the outcome would be for a couple of the young men in the book. I recognized the names from the taps/eulogies page. Even though I knew what was coming it was very hard for this Mom to read. I can distract myself from the realities of the profession my son has chosen until I read books like this.
Please tell me some of the profits of this book go to a good cause. :smile:
Moms you are correct in that it's a sad book in some ways. But ultimately, it made me proud that my son has chosen this "other path," one which very few of his peers can match.

Ant, I am hoping that you are not implying that Mr. Murphy is somehow exploiting this story for his own gain. He is a former Navy jag officer and I am sure he has a family to feed. As a writer myself, I can appreciate that. I'm sure over the next few months he is going to be doing a lot for military families that doesn't involve financial compensation.

Besides you can always read it for free at Barnes and Noble! :wink:
bossf51, I was simply wishing that there was an additional incentive for me to buy In A Time Of War. I was expecting it to be a painful read...

I did not mean to impugn your profession. My apologies to you and also to the author, Mr. Bill Murphy, Jr.

Now that I have read his book, I do think that Mr. Murphy has performed a wonderful service for the West Point and wider military community. The story of the Class of 2002 is one that everyone should know. Perhaps this book will help Americans better understand the personal sacrfices that each person in the military endures. I certainly hope that In A Time Of War is successful in every way.

P.S. Bill Murphy, Jr. served in the Army Reserves and the Army JAG Corps, not the Navy JAG. :biggrin: