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IN Nomination question

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by Ricer, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Ricer

    Ricer Member

    Oct 20, 2015
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    I have a couple of questions, please help answer.
    My daughter has been accepted to USNA pending nomination. Her first choice for the congressman and senators was USNA. However when they sent her emails saying she has received an interview it referenced USAFA. This was her second choice. Why would they specify an academy?

    How long does it take before you hear back on your nominations?

  2. Letsdothis

    Letsdothis Member

    Oct 9, 2015
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    Could it be a typo? Here in VA kids have to specify the academy of choice for nominations due to heavy competition.
  3. USMAROTCFamily

    USMAROTCFamily Member

    Jan 11, 2013
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    I would have her contact the Nomination Coordinator for the MOC to insure they know that USNA is her top choice they had received a copy of the LOA. One of our Senators had different panels interview the candidates for each of the different service academies. Our son, who was open to going to two different academies and listed both on his nominations form, only was interviewed by one panel. Our Senators will not give an nomination to two different academies.
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  4. old grad

    old grad Member

    Nov 13, 2014
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    My son went through the process last year and my daughter this year. Both were interviewed for their first choice only. Did your daughter put usafa as her first choice instead of USNA? If I remember correctly there were no multiple school noms last year. I believe sen d posts his noms and senator c only posts noms of students who were accepted by the academies. Worth a peak at their press releases from last year. Hope the interview went well yesterday.

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