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Feb 16, 2007
What is the best rotc military college to go to? I am trying to make plans if I do not get accepted to one of the service academies. My two main choices are Norwich and VMI, and U of Michigan and Notre Dame for my non military rotc schools.
There's going to be more to college than just ROTC if you immerse yourself completely in the experience. My advice is to look at colleges as if you weren't planning on ROTC. Select the ones that appeal to you and then make contact with the military science professors at the respective schools. If possible, visit the campuses, talk with the ROTC folks about your goals and expectations. The place where you see the potential for the best relationships is probably where you should be.
for Navy? I spent a year at Univ. of Washington in Seattle and had the time of my life, while learning a LOT in ROTC and having some pretty awesome experiences.

PM me if you're interested.
If your interested in the Army NU has the best/biggest/most funded AROTC Program in the country.
If you are looking at Army ROTC, VMI has had the number 1 Army Cadet in the nation 3 years running. If you are looking at Navy ROTC Marine Option VMI was the top performing school of Officer Candidates at OCS this past summer. So VMI has top notch programs all around.
Navy.. i'd say any of the Maritime Academies. Mass Maritime, Maine, and Sunny (cali).