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    Hey everyone! I know at the academy that sports are mandatory, whether they are intramural or intercollegiate, and that there is time set aside for cadets to do that specifically. However, I'm sure that a lot of cadets work out on their own in order to stay in shape, but after briefly looking at a sample schedule, it seems like there is little time to do that. I guess my question is when can cadets workout on their own? Before their first formation, during some random free time, or what? My personal preference when I workout is to just go to the gym and put my earbuds in, so I'd really like to keep doing that at the academy if possible.
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    Free periods. After classes end and before dinner, if you don't have sports practice, duty or other event. After dinner and before any mandatory study hours. Skipping non-mandatory meals to work out and eating protein bars on the fly. You will learn to do everything faster, including eating, showering, working out.
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    Each intramural sport only lasts for one quarter of the semester and each cadet only plays an intramural sport for one of these quarters. If you aren't an IC or on a club team with LOS, when you're not playing your intramural (either it's over or it hasn't started), you have that period of time (3:45-5:00 PM) free to do what you would like. Many people choose to go to the gym during this time. Also, if you have more than one free period back to back, that is a good time to work out as well.

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