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    First and foremost I would like to thank all those that have gone before us and are so willing to share experiences and answer our questions. This forum is a God sent.

    Now I have a question that I searched the forum for and couldn't really find much on. I have seen mention of an "Indoc Parade". From what I have seen it appears to take place at the end of Indoc?

    Can anyone shed some light on this event?

    Is it open to the public?

    I would have to believe that there would be no contact allowed between the candidates and the public but observation (photographs!) is allowed?

    Is the date and time announced as some point?

    We live "relativity" close and if the timing is right might be able to attend.

    Thanks all!
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    As I recall, the INDOC parade is at the conclusion of INDOC- perhaps Friday afternoon prior to the start of class but someone can jump in and correct me if I'm wrong on the timing.
    Yes it is open to the public and if you live nearby and can make the trip it is well worth it. The new PC"s will really surprise you as they march in review.
    There is no contact with the "outside world" although you may get a glimpse of your DD or DS as they pass by.
    Bring a camera and take lots of pictures. Many parents posted them on the website (Parent's Page) through Shirley Anthony the KP Parent's liaison.
    Check the parent's page or check with Shirley and she may be able to give you the exact date and time. It's usually about 4PM.
    If you arrive early you may actually catch a glimpse of your PC practicing on the soccer field or Tomb field in their PT gear wearing their black shoes and socks along with their cover. There may still be some pics from last year on the parents page under INDOC photos 2009.
    Good Luck and enjoy the ride!

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