Induction Day 2008


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Jan 30, 2008
Great to learn that I-Day was moved from June 27 to July 2, 2008, especially for New York candidates in public schools. Graduation in many schools is June 27, 28, or 29.

What time are Plebes generally required to report?

What do parents do on I-day, besides, perhaps, crying?
holy cow!!! that late? My graduation is like june 4 or 5th... but then again, I also go to school when everyone else has snow days (the one downfall of commuting to a boarding school) thank you for the news :thumb: .
Plebes will indivually receive a reporting time block with their admissions packet. Generally, processing starts around 0700 and goes till say 1400.

Parents have optional info briefs/workshops to go to throughout the day besides generally touring the Yard. They also like to crowd around Alumni and the Mid Store parking lot to try to get a glimpse of their Plebe. There is no shortage of things to do until the Induction Ceremony in the afternoon.
We left the yard for awhile and went back to the hotel (was in walking distance) hand lunch, got a lot of things for the first care package. Wrapped it up and took it over to the Annapolis PO which is on the Church Circle.

Sitting around trying to get a glimpse is a total wast of time IMO.
Haha. I've been at USNA for the my I-Day (was by myself) and my brother's (only family member there). Also did Plebe Summer this past summer (second set). I felt that I was like an exhibit in a zoo sometimes along with the plebes.

It's interesting to see how parents evolved over time. During I-Day and PPW, parents are flocking, crowing over walls, eager to catch a glimpse of their plebes. They clap and cheer during formations, call out to their kids (really embrassing!), take lots of pictures, etc. However, come FPW, it seems like the parents have matured just like the midshipmen. You don't see the above actions as much and everyone seems a little more casual about the whole USNA routine. Parents grow as much as their mid does over the course of 4 years.
I noticed that you are in Surface Warfare. Can you expound upon the types of assignments you will have?
As a Surface Warfare Officer (SWO), I'll be assigned to ships. We are actually picking out ships and homeports next week on Thursday. Homeports that SWOs can be expected to be stations at are Pearl Harbor, Japan, San Diego, Everett, WA, Mayport, FL, and Norfolk.

SWOs are any officers that you find upon ships (destroyer, cruisers, frigate, amphibs, and carriers). Every SWO is a qualified conning officer and officer of the deck. Besides regular ship duties such as combat, engineering, and deck, you'll also find SWO leading VBSS teams (Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure).
Thank you. I think it helps to have that type of info. so that the "service" part becomes a goal - not just the application process...Thank you!