Induction Day Class of 2013


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Aug 2, 2008
I know I-Day for the Class of 2012 changed from June to Jul 2. Does anyone know when I-Day is for the Class of 2013? I checked on the calendar as well as several areas under the academy's web site and found 2 different dates..
June 26 and July 1.
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make your hotel reservations for both NOW!!!! and cancel the other. this happened to us this spring and we had both reservations at the hotel we wanted and found out the there was it seemed the entire NAPS LAX team and family. It was great!! got to know some families of future classmates the night before.:thumb:
We had reservations for the original date, and then changed it to the new date in the spring of this year. We didn't have trouble making the reservation in...? March?
We had no trouble making our reservations in Annapolis for I day in March and for PPW in June. Stayed at hotels within walking distance both times.