Induction Day events schedule for the class of 2021


Sep 14, 2016
I was on the Plebe Summer section of the USNA website looking for the I-Day schedule. Nothing listed there. Can I assume it will be similar to previous years?

- Nervous parents.
I would like some info as well!

I have a friend reporting for I-Day at 6:15am. I live an hour away in Frederick, MD. He will be staying with me the previous night.

I am assuming that we should give way more time than we need just to be safe.

Does anybody have suggestions about parking and other things that may come up?
It is usually similar. Last year's will give a pretty good idea. It gets minor tweaks here and there. Their PTR has their report time.

Yes give lots of extra time. Lots of threads on this. No one is going to check their exact time. They do this to spread out the new Plebes so there isn't a line of 1200 at one time. It's so they can all flow through Alumni in a 8-10 hour period. In the PTR packet it gives instructions on where to park. Busses from stadium. Can park downtown and eat the costs but garages fill up fast. You can also drive on the yard to drop off and then park off of it. Just an FYI if you do this... stay away from Alumni until final byes are done. New Plebes have a tednancy to get pulled into Alumni.

Use the search function or cruise around the USNA thread for a few pages back and you can finds threads with tons of this discussion.
Thank you for the tips, Hoops. I downloaded the schedule from last year. We'll just follow that for now.