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Dec 31, 2006
my son is triple q'd and has a senatorial nomination. he took his act again and raised 1 of the 4 scores a point, but 2 others went down a point and one stayed the same. should he forward the results to usna? will it have an adverse effect or can it help? i have been reading this board for some time, but this is my first post. my husband and i have gotten much out of the advice available on here as we watch our son try to attain his dream. thanks
Send them in. They record the best parts of multiple takes. No adverse effect whatsoever.
As USNA69 indicated. Ours did same. Take the highest of the Eng & Math. Don't seem to pay any attention to the others (Science, Reading, and including the composite score). So if the high score is not in 1 of those 2 areas, I don't believe it'll make any difference anyway.
he raised the english score. thanks for the responses