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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Tactical21, May 3, 2011.

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    Hello to all and thanks for serving this great nation and keeping our freedoms free.

    I have two questions on waivers. I'm interested in joining the Navy Reserves as a Master-At-Arms.

    First let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a 36 year old male. I have a BA in Law Enforcement (Graduated with a 3.85 avg). I'm a Police Officer in the Civilian world. I had to go through a 22 week Police Academy which included running, jumping, self defense etc. I'm currently a Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Glock Armorer (also a Sharpshooter with Pistols and Sniper Rifles/ AR15. I also have much more certifications.

    With the above said. I want to explain two issues I have. First one being when I was in fourth grade I was stung in the eye by a Bee. My face got swollen and the doctors said I was allergic to bees. They gave my parents pills for me just in case I got stung again. As I got older the doctor's prescribed me an Epi-pen even though I've been stung on several occassions with no reaction. I've been stung just about every summer with no reactions. I went to an allergist to get tested so I wouldn't have to carry an Epi-pen anymore. The doctor told me that my test showed that I was allergic to some but not all bees. The doctor said the test was inconclusive because I was recently stung and the anti-bodies were still in my body which make you sensitive to the test. The doctor didn't recommend that I carry an Epi-pen anymore based on no reactions when stung. With this being said can I get a waiver with this? I know a venom allergy is an automatic DQ but my situation is different.

    Second, I was born with a mild case of club feet. I had surgery on them when I was 1 year old and I haven't had a problem with them my whole life. I can run, jump, squat, walk like a duck and even wear any type of shoe, sneaker or boot I want. I also carry about 35lbs of gear when on duty. With this said, would I need a waiver and if so, would it be possible to get one?

    I know Military Recruiting is at an all time high but based on my police training and experience it should show that I'm able to complete military tasks.

    Please let me know if anyone can help in answering my questions. Thanks to all and stay safe.
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    Send me your posting in an email (NOT PM) and I will reply this Sunday:thumb:

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